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Sapanca Tour Daily Expedition from Istanbul 2019 - Tripyana
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Sapanca Tour Daily Expedition from Istanbul 2019

sapanca tour

Tripyana offers you the most beautiful Sapanca tour and seize the opportunity , known as Lake Sapanca and Maachokia as one of the nearby lakes to Istanbul, located in the city of Sakarya, as can be visited in one day and enjoy the scenery and historic attractions.


City of Sakaria

A beautiful city in north-western Turkey connected to a highway with Ankara and Istanbul as well as through the train line, there are many beautiful historical and natural places that invite you to visit.


Details of the tour of Sapanca and Maashokia

Tripyana takes you on a Sapanca tour  romantic, beautiful nature and suits your wishes to experience a unique experience.

Date and place of departure: At 9:00 am, departure from the hotel where the tourist resides.

Date and place of return: 7 pm Return to the hotel where the tourist resides.


Tour characteristics with Tripyana

  1. Convenient modern car of the latest model
  2. The price includes a nine-person trip
  3. A price that suits you includes taxes and fuel
  4. The driver is fluent in Turkish, Arabic and English


First Sapanca Tour

The duration of the tour is twelve hours

sapanca tour

Lake Sapanca :

Sapanca Lake is situated between the Adabzars and Izmit Bay, one of Istanbul’s largest lakes in Turkey. Sapanca Lake features its fresh waters and magnificent gardens, which include the most beautiful birds and pets.


Masukiye Village :

Located 17 km from Sapanca , it features a quiet atmosphere that lets you enjoy the rainwater flowing from the mountains. The village of Maashokia has a magnificent waterfall, making it an important tourist attraction in Turkey.


Natur Village :

The village is characterized by its ancient history and distinctive buildings, and includes a number of small lakes that increase its beauty, and the village of Natrkoy many beautiful animals such as ducks and white rabbits.

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Kartepe :

The second most important mountain after Mount Uludag at an altitude of 1,650 meters, snow covers the crest of Mount Cartibe in winter, making it a special place for skiers. The mountain has a famous cable car among tourists.


Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi :

Daryga Zoo is the largest zoo in Istanbul, with more than 300 species of animals and more than 200 species of plants. Visiting the Darija Zoo is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.


Rustem Pasha Mosque :

It was built by the minister Rustam Pasha and the minister used the best architects to build the mosque, the mosque still receives many tourists and delegations of worshipers, so far still on the body built by it, is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Sapanca contain Byzantine evidence dating back to the era Byzantine.


Important Notes :

  1. The price of the flight does not include lunches or entry tickets for tourist places.
  2. If the flight is canceled, you must report to Tripyana 24 hours before the flight.
  3. You must communicate via Watsp if the booking is required within less than 24 hours.


Payment Information:

There are two payment methods

  1. Cash payment for the driver.
  2. Pay inline through Master Card.



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