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Istanbul Tours with The Best Sights of Turkey - Tripyana
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Istanbul Tours with The Best Sights of Turkey

It’s our pleasure to provide you with the best touristic tours in Istanbul for 2019. Our VIP Services are provided with model cars and drivers can speak English, Arabic and Turkish.

اسطنبول تورز

The Details of Istanbul Tours :

Date and place of departure: 9 am in front of the residence of the tourist.

Date and place of return: 7 pm Return to the original point.


Characteristics of Istanbul Tours with Tripyana

The tour would be by a car for nine people and the price is included this number.

Drivers have long experience in Istanbul Tours and speak English, Arabic and Turkish.

A modern style car that meets all the needs, and the price of the tour includes taxes and fuel



Istanbul Tours

Topkapi Palace Museum

The Topkapı Palace was the main residence of the Ottoman sultans from there the place took its popularity and became one of the most popular touristic places in Istanbul and a visiting destination for many tourists from all around the world.

Off Days: Tuesday and  public holidays

Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park is an extended park of Topkapi Palace which is called as well Kings Park . it’s a big park you can walk its way with enjoying the sight of flowers.

Off Days: none

The Blue Mosque (The Sultan Ahmed Mosque)

The blue mosque is a historic mosque was built based on Sultan Ahmed orders. What distinguish this mosque is that it has 6 minarets plus it has  5 domes.

Off Days: none

Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia Museum  was at the beginning church then it became a mosque and at the end it became a museum and touristic destination for Istanbul visitors.

Off Days: Monday

Grand Pazar

One of the most important and largest historical markets in Istanbul.The market includes shops selling gifts, antiques, as well as gold shops plus to that you can buy Turkish delight from there and spices.

Off Days: Sunday and public holidays

Historia Fatih Shopping Centre

Historia Mall has a large number of local and international stores and brands, as well as restaurants, cafes and a children’s playground.

Off Days: none


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Dolmabahçe Palace

It is the last palace of the Ottoman Empire and is located directly on the Bosphorus from the European side in the area Besiktas, Dolmabahce Palace has a large number of rooms and halls and it is considered one of the most important museums in the country.

Off Days: Monday, Thursday, public holidays

Ortaköy Area

Ortakoy is located just below the Bosphorus (Suspension Bridge) on the European side, This area is popular with Turkey’s well-known grilled potato shops, as well as restaurants. There are also cafes that offer views of the Bosphorus.

Off Days: none

Ulus Park Cafe & Panorama

Ulus Park Restaurant and Restaurant offers a panoramic view of Istanbul, both  Asian side and European side plus to Bosphorus Bridge, you can take beautiful photos in this magnificent view.

Jawaher Mall

Jawaher Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the city of Istanbul, and there are a large number of shops, cinemas and restaurants in the mall.

Off Days: none



Istanbul Tours

Pierre Loti Teleferik

Pierre Loti Teleferik is located in Eyup Sultan area near the mosque of  Eyup Al Ansari. The Teleferik takes you to the hill of Pierre Loti, which has a popular café serving traditional Turkish tea, and it is distinguished by its magnificent view over the Golden Horn.

Off Days: Sunday

Minia Turk Park

Minia türk is a miniature park situated at the north-eastern shore of Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey. The park is one of the world’s largest miniature parks with its 15,000 m² model area. The park contains 122 models.

Off Days: none

Istanbul Aquarium-Fourm Istanbul Mall

Fourm Istanbul Mall is one of the largest and the most distinctive shopping malls in the city of Istanbul and what distinguishs Forum Istanbul is that it contains aquarium and Ice Museum.

Off Days: none

Ice Museum

The museum is located in Forum Istanbul Mall as it is the city’s first ice museum. The museum contains many shapes and objects are made of imported ice , We will visit on Istanbul trips with tripyana



اسطنبول تورز

Rumeli hisarı Castle

The castle was built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in a few months during the opening of the city in order to protect it from the Black Sea side.

Tarabya Corniche

Tarabya Corniche is located in Tarabya area on the Bosphorus and is characterized by its luxury yachts, and you can also practice fishing there.

Off Days: none

Belgrad Forest

It is one of the largest forests in Istanbul and it is a special opportunity for nature lovers to stroll among the trees as well visitors can do barbecue there.

Off Days: Sunday

Istinye Park Mall

One of the most luxurious malls in Istanbul, Istinye Park Mall has a large number of shops, cinemas, restaurants and more. The mall as well has the many international brands.

Off Days: none

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Istanbul trip

The Asian Side:

Çamlıca Hill

One of the most important public parks in the Asian side of Istanbul, and because of its beauty  many Turks visit it to take their weddings photoes and from here comes its name which means brides hill . We will visit on Istanbul trips

Off Days: none

Kız Kulesi /Maiden’s Tower

One of the most important landmarks of Istanbul, it is located in the Asian section, 150 meters from the land in the center of Bosphorus, which is surrounded by a lot of myths, now it has a restaurant there and it is accessed by a boat from Uskudar

Off Days: none

Bağdat Street

It is considered one of the most important streets in Istanbul for shopping  and brands . it  is lacated in Asian Side but it is very similar to Istiklal street in the European section.

Off Days: none


Kadıköy Neighborhood is  a very popular place and a historical districts in the Asian side, Kadikoy overlooks the Bosphorus and Marmara Sea also it has many old shops and restaurants as well  local and famous cafes

Off Days: none

Important Notes :

The price of the tour does not include lunch or the prices of touristic places tickets .

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