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Fethiye Tour great travel with Tripianna 2019 - Tripyana
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Fethiye Tour great travel with Tripianna 2019

fethiye tour

It is possible that you have visited many historical and archaeological sites as well as beautiful natural, but Tripyana confirms to you that what is found in Fethiye tour is a completely different thing and has a distinct luster that tastes no different. In Fathia every place has a beautiful effect in the soul and has activities that can be performed differently.


City of Fethiye

The city of Fethiye, located on the Aegean Sea, has many activities to do. It is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities. And has gained extensive tourist fame in recent decades. Tripyana offers you a Fethiye tour program designed for you that includes the most important tourist places of interest to you.


Details of the journey of the Fethiye tour

The driver awaits you in the most beautiful trips to suit all tastes and ages. Fethiye tour  include natural places, resorts, beaches, entertainment and historical monuments.

Date and place of departure: 9 am in front of the residence of the tourist.

Date and place of return: 9 pm Return to the original departure point.


Characteristics of Fathia Tour with Tripiana

  1. Total price for tax and fuel
  2. Total price for up to 9 people
  3. Special car offers comfort and safety with the latest models
  4. An experienced driver fluent in Arabic, Turkish and English


First Fathia tour

The tour duration is ten hours

fethiye tour

Butterfly Valley:

Butterfly Valley is the most beautiful natural place that makes you live a unique adventure. The tourist can spend a special evening with tourists. In addition to the possibility of sleeping in tents rented on the beach.


Sultan Aqua City:

A water town in Fethiye, with multi-shape water slides and sizes. Some of them are open sliders that give you a wonderful look and a closed, adventure-like atmosphere. There are also plenty of places to sit, enjoy and even play for children. There are also many restaurants and cafes. You can visit any day from 9 am to 12 pm.


Saklikent Gorge:

The second longest waterways in Europe and the first in length and depth in Turkey. You can walk along it or swim in the depths. It is called the Lost City or Hidden Valley. It is possible to visit any winter day between 8 am and 4 pm and until 7 pm in the summer.


Kaya Village :

Kaikoy Village combines beautiful nature with antiquity. Where it has a range of monuments, including the Roman Catholic Church and close to the resorts of Oulu Deniz. It is now a museum thrown in the air. With thousands of restored houses and a number of churches.


Second First Fathia tour

The tour duration is ten hours

fethiye tour

Cotton Palace :

It is called Pamukkale. The castle is a valley of calcium deposits. It is a series of white terraces. This formation was acquired by calcium deposits over many years. There are also a number of natural hot tubs where you can swim.


Hierapolis Archaeology Museum:

The museum is three museums. It has many monuments such as gold pieces, kitchenware, finished statues and carved head. All these monuments are from the city of Heropolis.


Amyntas Rock Tombos and Fethiye Museum:

The mausoleum dates back to BC and is located on the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. The museum includes the remains discovered in the city of Fathia and other neighboring cities, and contains the tombs carved in the mountains.


Roman Theatre:

It dates back to Hellenistic times. Many of its stones were lost after a violent earthquake hit the area. It can be visited free of charge and located in the center of Fethiye.


Important Notes :

  1. The price of the flight does not include lunches or entry tickets for tourist places.
  2. If the flight is canceled, you must report to Tripyana 24 hours before the flight.
  3. You must communicate via Watsp if the booking is required within less than 24 hours.


Payment Information:

There are two payment methods

  1. Cash payment for the driver.
  2. Pay inline through Master Card.
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