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Bursa Tour The most beautiful Daily From Istanbul 2019 - Tripyana
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Bursa Tour The most beautiful Daily From Istanbul 2019

bursa tour

The most beautiful cities of Turkey, nature and history. Tripyana plans to take you on a fantastic day-to-day buses where you can travel and return on the same day so it will not cost you much time. If you are looking for weekly work pressure, you can only click the Subscribe button on Tripyana Bursa Tour.


City of Bursa

One of the largest and most beautiful cities in Turkey in north-western Turkey, with beautiful views from the peaks of the Alodag mountain, and historical sites enriching, as well as a bursa from the nearest cities to Istanbul, where within an hour and a half we have become a bursa to start from Istanbul using the ship.


Details of Bursa Tour

The journey is designed to suit different tastes and ages and makes it easy to enjoy nature, beauty, monuments and the sea.

Date and place of departure: 10 am in front of the residence of the tourist.

Time and place of return: 8 pm Return to the original departure point.


Characteristics of Bursa Tour with Tripyana

  1. A modern car
  2. Comprehensive price for nine people
  3. Comprehensive price of taxes and fuel
  4. The driver speaks Turkish, Arabic and English


Bursa Tour

The tour duration is ten hours

bursa tour

Tripyana takes you in front of your residence in Istanbul, where the ferry at the port for cars to take you to the city of Yelwa and then to Bursa on a journey of not more than 90 minutes to spend your beautiful days and make your beautiful moments where the amazing nature and the splendor of the pleasant atmosphere.


Bursa Teleferik:

The cable car is the world’s tallest cable car and can be traversed from the cable car area of the bourse to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. When you reach the top of the mountain you can do many activities including winter skiing, mountain biking, mountain biking, sitting for drinks or food in a restaurant. Riding a cable car is a unique experience in every sense of the word. The cable car can be used on any day from 8 am to 8 pm.


Covered Bazaar:

The market, which includes everything the shopper needs, is the largest stock market and the most fragrant of history, and popular. It has many shops selling various items of clothing, souvenirs and gold and is connected to the silk market, not far from the Great Mosque.


Inca Historic Tree:

It is believed that the tree was built at the beginning of the Ottoman Empire, about 600 years old, not far from Bursa. It is natural to have large logs, branches and roots, surrounded by many souvenir shops and there is also a restaurant serving delicious Turkish breakfast.


Ottoman Turkish Delight:

Turkey is famous for its delicious sweets, including the convenience of the throat. Therefore, Tripyana takes you to Halqoum Factory in Bursa, where it offers you the information that is of interest to you about the convenience of the taste and its distinctive types.


Saitabat Waterfall:

One of the most beautiful places surrounded by trees and green meadows, where the sound of water is heard, there are barbecue areas, many restaurants and attractive nature suitable for meeting memorial photos.


Luna Park:

The amusement park is filled with many modern and suitable games for children and adults located in the cultural garden, and allows adults and young people to enjoy, fun and experience different beautiful and unforgettable experiences.


Bursa Zoo:

One of the best bursa gardens in Turkey, and includes a large variety of pets and predators. The place is suitable for adults and young people. You can visit any day from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm.


Important Notes :

  1. The price of the flight does not include lunches or entry tickets for tourist places.
  2. If the flight is canceled, you must report to Tripyana 24 hours before the flight.
  3. You must communicate via Watsp if the booking is required within less than 24 hours.


Payment Information:

There are two payment methods

  1. Cash payment for the driver.
  2. Pay inline through Master Card.
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