Uzungol is a lake and small village in the Black Sea south of Trabzon city, north turkey near almost 19 Km from Chabkara and almost 99 Km from Trabzon city centre.uzungol is the most popular destination in north turkey. Tripyana is going to give you a short guide about uzungol lake.

How could you go to Ozungul Region?

You can come to Trabzon easily, the airport is close to uzungol village then you can take a bus to there because the distance between them not far then 100 Km and almost one hour and half.

Ozungul Trabzon

How Uzungol Become a Famous Tourist Destination

There are a lot of reasons combine together to make a small village an exceptional tourist destination :

Wood Hotels

There are a members of smalls wood hotels have built for a comfortably accommodation and hosts. But also you can chick booking in a local houses if you like a more exceptional trip.

You can reserve hotels in uzungol and take discount of 20%

Fishing Salmon

One of the most reasons that make this village very special is salmon fishing which is the best food there, so there are a members of restaurants that can give you a chance to eat the delicious salmon.  

Ozungul Trabzon

Tourists Places in Uzungol

  1. Ataturk museum or the whit palace that many people are visit yearly.
  2. Tea Village, its located before Uzungol near 20 Km. it’s appear like waterfall overlooking in wide range of garden.
  3. Mountain chain for mountaineering enthusiasts
  4. There is a traditional and private oven  and restaurant makes a local hot bread.

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Here our trip about Uzungol village, the special and magic natural encaustic. Follow us to receive all a new.