If you are looking for the best tourist tour, then Tripyana is the right choice for you. Turkey is one of the best tourist destination around the world due to many natural and historic reasons. In this article we are going to talk about the best hotels in turkey for 2019.

   Best Hotels in Istanbul

best 3 hotels in istanbul

Istanbul city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world as it attracts tourists from all around the world. As many tourists come to . explore the old city of Istanbul and its culture. However, in order to make your tour more comfortable we have chosen the best hotels in Istanbul for 2019 .

Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel

One of the five stars hotels in Istanbul, located in Sultan Ahmad Region near to many archaeology places.

Marmara Taksim Hotel

Marmara Taksim Hotel one of the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul city, located in Taksim, distiguashed by its location and services quality

Radisson Blue Hotel İstanbul Şişli

If you are planning to visit Istanbul with your family Radisson Blue Hotel is the right choice. I’ts Five Stars hotel and one of the best hotels in turkeyas it’s very close to Business centres and public transportation. The hotel have got a good rating due to  its services and delicious foods the hotel provide.

Best Hotels In Bursa

Bursa City is the second tourist city in turkey after istanbul and it has many five stars hotels . Here we are going to introduce some of them

best hotels turkey 2019

Hilton Bursa Hotel

The design of Hilton Bursa Hotel was inspired of Ottoman architecture which gave the hotel a distinctive splendor and made it an attractive destination to many tourists during their stay in Bursa. The hotel as well classified as a five star hotel due to the services it provides

Almira Bursa Hotel

Almira Bursa hotel located in the center of Bursa city which is a vital location. Tourist can walk to shopping malls as the area has several malls and centers. The hotel is 35kms far away from the most famous mountain in Bursa which calle Uludağ. The hotel as well 20kms far away from the Mudanya/Güzelyalı ferry stations which tourist can take to travel from bursa to another city. The hotel has been classifed as five star hotel due the quailty of services the hotel has. However, the hotel rooms have incredible view of Uludağ

Crowne Plaza Bursa

Crowne Plaza Bursa is one of the most lavish hotels in Bursa. It’s located close to many interesting places such that Carrefour Market, Fateh Sultan Mohamed Street which includes many restaurant and Turkish cafeteria.

Best Hotels in Izmit

Izmit is located in the east of Istanbul, it’s one of the most compounded tourist city, in the next paragraph we are going to give you a short introduction about some of the city hotels:

Best 3 hotels in istanbul

Wes Izmit Hotel

Wes Izmit Hotel located in the Horn near commercial street and the other services.

Wellborn Luxury Hotel

One of the five-star hotels that are preferred by tourists because its services and their antic rooms, in addition there is a wedding salon which is very exceptional. this hotel is listed as one of the best hotels in turkey.

Ramada Plaza Izmit

Ramada Plaza Izmit is five star hotel which is located in the middle center of Izmit city as well it’s close to bus stations and shopping centers . Its rooms enjoy very modern design and it’s preferred by the guests

After we have talked about the best hotels in Turkey in some of the popular cities in turkey, we hope that you could now take the best decision about your accommodation in Turkey in your next trip